$100.00 USD

The God Bookend Course

This is where you'll learn your own practice of Prayer, Meditation, Deep Appreciation, Visualization, and what I call "The Download."

This is nothing less than designing your own connection to God.

What you'll get:

  • 5 Immediately Usable, Tactical Trainings on Creating Your Own God Bookend.
  • The best of ancient and modern principles for Prayer.
  • Meditation Training to clear your mind and set your soul at ease.
  • A Deep Appreciation and Gratitude Process to help you relive and experience the JOY of life.
  • A visualization process to bring the important actions to life, and help you achieve them.
  • How to conduct your own "Download" from God, and take action on what is presented.
  • Ways that we can put this all together to turn our spirituality into real-life joy, achievement, and fulfillment.

This will be given over five weeks, with five LIVE sessions, and will include Q&A. 

The sessions will all be recorded and you'll have access to them through this learning platform.



You'll get immediate access to my Master Class on Meditation--which includes about 20 minutes on how to start your God Bookend before diving MUCH deeper in the Training.